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MyPascoConnect is a crucial hub for facilitating digital education by giving faculty and students the means to maximise and enhance the quality of their academic work and access to learning materials.


If your institution or company uses the MyPascoConnect official site, then your students will have instantaneous access to resources like Active Directory cloud files, shares, and assigned apps.

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If you have forgotten your MyPascoConnect password, you can easily reset it by following the instructions below.

Step 1: access your profile by clicking “Password Recovery Settings” under “MyProfile.”

Step 2: Pick a contact method: phone, email, or secure chat to ask your inquiry.

Step 3: Click the “Help, I forgot my password” option on the main portal if you need to reset your password.

Your MyPasco Connect account will be inaccessible if you do not remember your login or password. If you choose the recovery password option, you can get your lost password back. If, however, you have forgotten your password and have not enabled password recovery for your account, you can call 813-794-2859 (42859) and speak with a customer service representative who will walk you through the steps of resetting your password and deleting your username.

Through MyPascoConnect, both students and their parents may easily get in touch with their teachers. This completely ignores the issue of poor communication between parents and school staff, which appears to be a worldwide epidemic.

One of the numerous benefits of this digital hub is that it addresses every issue in the classroom, from the perspective of both students and teachers.