Pairing Code

MyPascoConnect was created to ease the burdens of school administration on students, parents, and educators. Everyone can utilise this portal with ease because of how well designed it is.

We provide the Mypascoconnect library so that you can have access even if it is only available to students at your school.


In comparison to other portals, this one stands out due to the comprehensive set of services it offers to both students and their parents. Access to the My Pasco Connect portal is restricted to the portal’s official website, which can be found at

Registration for the primary account calls for a matching student code. It’s a six-digit number code, to be exact.

In reality, students or authorised third parties can produce pairing codes on their behalf.

Only if your school has enabled student self-registration will you have access to the pairing codes. If you need assistance outside of normal business hours, please reach out to Institute management.

It’s important to remember that students’ generated codes will only work for 7 days. Additionally, a pupil may hold up to five pairing codes simultaneously. When a student creates a new pairing code, the previous one immediately becomes invalid.

MyPascoConnect streamlines communication between students and educators, and the same is true for parents. This solves the issue of poor communication between parents and school staff, which appears to be widespread throughout the world’s educational institutions.

Another advantage of this digital hub is that it resolves all enrollment-related issues that students, parents, and faculty have traditionally had to deal with.

This version of My Pasco Connect makes the registration process convenient for faculty, staff, and parents. Your need to keep track of separate login credentials for various services is thus eliminated.